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Hooraay Global Company Search

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Hooraay Global Company Search


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Hooraay Global Company Search


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Hooraay Global Company Search

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Hooraay Global Company Search


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Hooraay Global Company Search

Hooraay Global Company Search

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We have openings in numerous countries for the following:




Whilst not overly time consuming, this opportunity is obviously an important one as it requires an entity (person or company) who has the confidence and ability to manage a team of people who will most likely be remote to his/her location, and to be able to set goals for his/her team. Each Exclusive Licensee will be fully trained by the Management of Hooraay!, and in turn this training will be passed on to the Sales Consultants. Project Managers may be individuals, or a company.

The fee's awarded to Exclusive Licensee's are passive and, are recurring. For detailed information on how to become a Project Manager, , please complete the form below, providing all details required and we will send via email our document outlining the responsibilities and the type of people/companies we are looking for.






These are extremely rewarding positions and involve meeting with businesses via telephone in your OWN region to introduce the benefits of Hooraay! to prospective Members. Any person entering these positions will more than certain, become long-term team players, as income, is by far, the best in the industry and is recurring. The position is not salary based, but by F4P. (Fee's For Performance).

If you would like to register, in order to be contacted by one of our Exclusive Licensee's in your country, please complete the form below and we will send you their contact details. Persons must be over 18 years of age and preferrably have experience in some form of sales, not be shy and have a great outgoing personality.



Hooraay Company Search